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Powder, Inc. C&B Cylinder Loader

Spend more time shooting your pistol,and less time reloading your charges!

Quickly load your pistol's cylinder with this loading press. Accurately control the seating pressure, even seat oversize balls with ease.

This Powder Inc. C & B Revolver Reloading Stand can be used with all percussion Cap & Balls Pistols (Ruger Old Army, Colt Army, Navy and Remington Revolvers).

Fully adjustable for most original and reproduction Cap & Ball Pistols. Two cylinder pins and two sizes of jags are included. Two set screws are used to align your Ruger Old Army, Colt Army, and Navy revolvers, as well as Remington reproductions.

Gone away.
Visit the Powder, Inc. web site to order the Cap and Ball Cylinder Loader.


Thanks to Rowdy Fulcher! Rowdy has produced a video demonstrating the Cap and Ball Loader.


Setting up

The loader is supplied with two cylinder pins. The small pin is for the Ruger and Remington Revolvers. The large pin is for the Colt Revolvers.

The loader is supplied with two loading jags:


Adjust the cylinder plate to align the cylinder with the loading ram. This plate adjusts with two cap screws. Loosen the cap screws and, with the cylinder mounted on the cylinder pin (supplied), align the cylinder with the loading ram. Tighten the two set screws.


If you plan on loading a wad between the ball and the charge, we find it better to compress the wad and powder charge and then seat the ball on top. If no wad is to be used, simply seat the ball on the powder charge.

This cylinder loader will allow you to reduce your powder charge and still get good seating pressure on your load.

If you want to load lighter on powder, and still fill the chamber to seat the round at the correct depth, you can add our Black Dawge Filler for an inert space-filler that is completely consumed on discharge.

Leaving any gap or air space in your black powder charge will cause the powder to burn unevenly, probably reducing accuracy and possibly damaging the gun.

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